Taiwan takes down top piracy site

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Al-Salam Alekum

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Looks like Taiwan is angry somewhat Smile

Quote:One of Taiwan's top movie and TV download sites, 8maple.ru, has been shut down and the assets of two engineers have been frozen on suspicion of infringing intellectual property rights.

According to a statement from Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), the site's traffic ranks first among all piracy websites in Taiwan. Movies and TV shows were said to come from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, Europe, mainland China, Taiwan, and elsewhere.

The site generated revenue from click-throughs on advertisements. According to the CIB, two engineers, surnamed Chen and Zhuang, allegedly created a fake advertising company, used their professional knowledge to decode video, illegally placed videos on overseas cloud servers, and gained revenue by requiring site visitors to click on ads before watching.

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