Zoom Offers Custom Data Routing To Paid Users

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Al-Salam Alekum

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Zoom trying hard Big Grin

Quote:According to a post by Brendan Ittelson, CTO, ZOOM, the firm will soon offer custom data routing to premium users. Specifically, every paid customer of the app will have the option to choose a particular region for routing their data.

Zoom has data centers across various regions to cater to the needs of users. They manage all the data transmission through these centers depending upon the demand. They also ensure geofencing throughout this process, as they claim.

The authenticity of this claim was questioned when researchers from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab found that the data for some Non-Chinese users was routed through China. In response to this research, Zoom admitted this had happened inadvertently to some extent. Yet they rectified the matter shortly after the report.

Now, Zoom offers custom data routing to the users in an attempt to rebuild users’ trust. The new feature will roll-out from April 18, 2020. As stated,

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