Migraine my little and always friend

In The Name OF Allah
Al-Salam Alekum

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While writing this theard I'm going through a very heavy migraine. I don't really know how to describe this painful sense not because of my poor English grammar. It is just kind of situations I can't really describe; if you ask any one who have migraine they will answer poorly and tell you that it is painful without knowing where this pain located.

Migraine , if you are with this disease then you will know what am talking about. it is painful and no cure. When it comes I feel like a spot in deep of one of my eyes acute pain and disappear. 1 or 2 hours later the pain become stronger and then getting heavier and heavier on me.

Where is this pain located? I don't really know, I feel like it's all in my head deeply. After hours of this bad pain. Next level come which is puke feeling then puking more than one time. After this level all the body will feel very tired and my skin color become very white then I can sleep. This sleep is not normal it very deep sleep and I wont wake up for 9 - 12 hours. Feeling less.

Any medicine? Well, I have tried many types of anti-pain medication none of them will stop this pain unless you are going to use kind of drug this will take away your mind.

Migraine became my little and always friend, I don't know if it she or he but He/She visiting me once every week and stay in his/her always  place in deep of my head. Hey! I didn't really give him/her permission to stay there but you know this kind of friends will stay forever. Since I was 14 I have this painful friend. He/She is a real friend as when he/she has pain I feel it and when happy I'm also kind of happy!! When I'm sleepless and tired he/she will start sending me pain signal. Ahhh Habibi Migraine when will you stop? and leave me alone?

Real friendship are always painful; it is not like being with you only for your money or your popularity I don't know your place in government or inside people. This is the real friendship.

I really hope you got me.
Thank you

Wa Salam Alekum

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