Penetration testing course with Python

The purpose of this course is to train people to write penetration testing tools in the field of network testing and web penetration. After this penetration testing course with Python, people can perform all the steps of penetration testing with tools that they have written

Before learning the Python penetration test course, it is recommended that people learn the Python programming language.

Course Title :

Section 1 : OSINT with python

    IG with shodan API
    IG with censys
    Email Harvestin
    Social Network IG

Section 2: writing netWork Scanner

    change your mac
    Detecting live system
    Port scan with python
    Send and recieved packet with scapy

Section 3: network sniffing

    arp spoofing
    Packet sniffing
    Extracting credential from network Traffic
    DNS spoofing

Section 4: writing undetectable Keylogger

    Keylogger Structure
    logging special key
    reporting keylogger

Section 5: writing Remote Access trojan

    Sending data over TCP
    Sending Data over HTTP
    Upload function in listener
    Sending Command

Section 6: bypassing Antivirus

    persistent Access
    spoof file Extension
    Converting pyhon to Linux Executable
    Converting pyhon to OS X Executable

Section 7: site crawling

    Discovering Hidden file and directory
    Extracting link
    Discovering Subdomain

Section 8: brute force Social Network

    Dictionary Attack on form (Instagram)
    Dictionary Attack with Post (Gmail)
    Dictionary Attack POST (twitter)

Section 9: Web Application Penetst with python

    Command Injection
    Code Injection
    Writing Vulnerability Scanner

Course duration: ‌30 hours

Penetration test period prerequisites

Course level: ‌ Advanced
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