Media Markt Maleware mmstart.exe

I found this after I just bought a new laptop in media market i order it online for 750€

In the store they told me I needed to pay 29€ extra fee for pre installing and making the laptop
Start ready I told them this is not what i order so I won’t pay for this... 
he went back to see if they had one left that was not pre installed but they did not have anny left 
I told him again I won’t pay for shit that I can do my self or even better so I said i can wait or I’ll just buy it some where else
He said wait ok just pay the 750€ and it’s all good.. I did this thinking this was my lucky day...

Once home i start up the laptop put in my personal info and connected it to the internet , I noticed all anti virus and even windows defender was turned off then mmstart.exe started running it was some kind of agreements but from media Markt 
In short term i needed to agree with those terms for the windows installation setup to be completed i open up task management and closed it... 5 mins later the laptop crashes... bleu screen.... I was like wtf is this bullshit it restarted but now I was stuck in a bios loop so i made a usb boot stick with my other laptop and also downloaded an anti virus i trust
Managed to get out of the bootloop disconnected the laptop from WiFi installed the anti virus and boom! Mmstart.exe quarantined 
Then I started digging what rights the program had over my pc... it had all root acces... so media markt crashed my laptop by remote the next day I went back to the store and asked for a manager I told him about the nice service they call start ready and the countless laws they break with it he did not wasted to hear it he told his employees to just refund me all my cash... and he walked away.. I asked the employee who gave me back the cash how often people come to costumer service within the year after they bought a laptop st media Markt she told me like 2-3 times... 

So this is a big scale insurance fraud there pulling of they have a fucking gold mine! This needs to stop!

Greetz from the Netherlands 

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