Hi my name is!

Hello i am Alex
I,m 31 years old I just became a father a day before my own birthday 
Me my Son & Girlfriend live in the Netherlands
I must say it’s a pleasure to be here 
Had a hard time finding u 
I’m not a skilled hacker but I know my way around computers
I learn verry quick if shit interrest me
I wasted 14 years of my life doing all kinds of drugs / selling / making them
To fund my own addiction I can tell u life on the streets is hard and being a slave to ur addiction is 2
Officaly I died 2 times but they where just in time to shock me back to life

Now I just smoke my weed before i go to bed changed my life style because  I knew if I would keep living. Like this it would be very short 

Now I am following an education to be able to help people with addictions 
It’s a bit hard having a newborn and going back to skool for me at my age but I know what my motivation is this world needs changing I can do my part in the addiction healthcare 

If u want to talk about something just send me a PM

Greetz , Peace ✌️

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