Testing Microsoft Edge

In The Name OF Allah
Al-Salam Alekum

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As you know after recent Microsoft update they also released Microsoft Edge totally different and based on Chromium which is open source browser engine used by many other browsers like Chrome. I'm using Chrome, Firefox and Tor on daily bases  so I wanted to give this version a shot. I will compare Edge to Chrome based on four different sides based on my experience using both browsers.

1- Privacy
Just after installing Microsoft Edge unlikely to Chrome, They asked me if I would like to share my logs and browsing data. This is kind of cool feature and respecting users privacy. also by default new Microsoft Edge comes with inbuilt in tracking prevention and potentially unwanted program blocker. "Microsoft Edge comes with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen built-in. We protect you against phishing or malware websites, and from downloading potentially malicious files. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is turned on by default in Microsoft Edge."

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IF we want to get same configuration we would have to use an extension so the winner is Microsoft Edge.

2- Performance
Most of you noticed the huge usage of Chrome. it's well knows as RAM and CPU huge usage... There is no way to reduce it's ram usage anyway. Just after couple of minutes of using Microsoft Edge I navigated to RAM Usages. it's really a big achievement for Microsoft to reduce its browser usage by %50 compared to Chrome. About speed they are more likely same I felt that Edge is slightly faster than Chrome and less bugy.

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Choose the winner here Wink

3- Extensions
As you know old browsers can have likely more support and usage so based on this, Chrome browser is king with a huge amount of extensions and billions of downloads by users. You can install extensions for google chrome through Chrome Web Store on the other hand as both browser based on Chromium you can install extensions for Microsoft Edge through Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Store but after migrating I lost my Avira Ad Blocker others were available. One thing noticed here, those extensions used for downloading videos are likely more supported on ME rather than Chrome.

Chrome is the winner as it's not likely having all extensions on your own store Smile

4- Availability/Support
Google Chrome is available for IOS, Tablet, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac so its likely available on most important OS and platforms. Microsoft Edge available on all above list except Linux which should come likely at the end of 2020.

Chrome is the winner

What am gonna do?
- I decided to stay on Microsoft Edge for a couple of months to see what is going on Smile

Thank you for reading
Kurdy Heart
Wa Salam Alekum

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