Zoom Conferencing App Exposes Users Email IDs And Photos To Other Users

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Whenever you grow, you will have contact with more and more different people with different idea and thinking. One of negative point of these thing is that you will get attack more than before. So if you are going to bring light on yourself get ready it will be hard but you will enjoy as they will tell you your weakness.. What happening right now Zoom as it is one of most used platform nowadays because of corona crisis everyone using it for education purpose this way this company will get more attack and for sure they will find there weakness.

Quote:Reportedly, Motherboard has found another privacy issue in the Zoom video conferencing app. As revealed in their blog post, the Zoom app exposes users’ email addresses and photos to others.

Initially, a user on Twitter posted about this messy feature.

@zoom_us I just had a look at the free for private use version of Zoom and registered with my private email. I now got 1000 names, email addresses and even pictures of people in the company Directory. Is this intentional? #GDPR pic.twitter.com/bw5xZIGtSE

    — Jeroen J.V Lebon (@JJVLebon) March 23, 2020

further investigation revealed that the problem lies within the “Company Directory” of the app. This feature fetches a list of users with email addresses having the same domains. Ideally, this feature facilitates users to find relevant contacts, such as colleagues in the workplace.

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