A Twitter Bug Allowed Firefox To Store Cached Files Shared Via DMs

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Al-Salam Alekum

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Hello guys, how are you doing? I hope you are doing best Smile Looks like Twitter week wasn't as better as Microsoft, Apple and Zoom company.

Quote:In a recent post, Twitter has disclosed a bug impacting some users’ privacy. This bug allowed browsers to store cached files, including private data shared via DM on Twitter.

Elaborating on the details, Twitter revealed that the bug specifically worked with the Mozilla Firefox browser. It did not have any impact on users of other browsers including Chrome and Safari.

Though, this isn’t a serious matter for users who always use single or personal devices to use Twitter. However, for those who logged in to their accounts via shared or public computers using Firefox, this is a privacy concern. As stated in the post,

The way Mozilla Firefox stores cached data may have resulted in non-public information being inadvertently stored in the browser’s cache. This means that if you accessed Twitter from a shared or public computer via Mozilla Firefox and took actions like downloading your Twitter data archive or sending or receiving media via Direct Message, this information may have been stored in the browser’s cache even after you logged out of Twitter.

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